VAULT series power management is our original design, it serves globally with any type of national electrical standard required, and integrates with low voltage plugs and sockets; innovative design, unique features, easy installation, safe option; it can be widely used in any surface and a variety of furniture.
A new electrical rotation socket device is designed for putting on worktop, especially for the conference table. Modules of power socket, data outlet, telephone outlet, audio jack, microphone jack, VGA interface, USB interface, HDMI interface, RCA, S-video, power switch, remote power switch, photoelectric sensors, electrical motorized driving device, magnetic clutch device are available. This product can be used as the extension device of power, data, telephone, audio, VGA, USB, HDMI, RCA, S-video interfaces and can be integrated directly to any worktop or any furniture product for convenient usage. Once the unit is not in use, press the red button, which conceal all the sockets and outlets under the worktop to prevent water drops, or foreign object passing into the unit to cause damage or accident and at the same time to provide a clean and tidy surface. Photo-electronic eye prevents rotation when obstructed with plugs or cables to prevent any accident by pressing the button unintentionally. During rotation of the unit, if an object impedes the rotation of the unit, the rotation will automatically reverse to ensure safety of the user. Unit has a magnetic clutch mechanism to release rotation when permanently blocked.

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