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Scandinavian DesignStyle

In the harmony nature, Scandinavian have its own special gifts, precise feeling to materials, high requirements on techniques. These are the best gift to the world from Scandinavian.
Scandinavia style is famous for its simplicity, ,and this influenced ”simplicitism” ,”afterward modern”, etc. design style. Scandinavian design is commonly considered the most humane design.

Most of us think Scandinavian style is simple, modern and suitable for young people‘s taste. But many people do not know what is the original Scandinavian style at all.

Scandinavian style facts.
Simple, Fashion, Modern, Natural, Practical.

Scandinavian style culture.
Historical, calm, delicate, pure, harmony

New functionalism concept.
Functionalism, which is based on the basic using function of the products. Comprehensively considered the harmonious of design, manufacture etc. Aspects.

Because of full of kindness and respect to humanity, Scandinavian designers continued for three generation, but never diverge the initial design spirits, create better everyday life for the masses. Which makes dude can breath freely in Scandinavian life.

Another Scandinavian feature is that they can focus on their own design style and design route, do not be disturbed by outside things. 
“Classic+ modern、Simple +delicate” Human being design idea,fully reflected the life understanding of Scandinavian.

In the world design history of Twentieth Century. Finland design is a new star, succeeded in every design field. Even the Finland design become the pronoun of present design.
Finland design always special, special style is highly praised by people from the world, Finland with short history, but is famous around the world for its special architecture and design.



Scandinavian created the world known fairy tale. And also created world known furniture. They own a romantic heart. So we could feel the forest, cottage, wave and genius via Scandinavian furniture.  

Simplicity is considered the fashion of Scandinavian furniture. But advocating functionalism makes the products more long life.

Advocating nature, simple, flavor of countryside. Which as one of the special sightseeing, Scandinavian style already blow to all the world.  

Finland is the only Scandinavian country which has no royal palace, its design focus on function, for masses better use, reflect Finland democratic sprit.

In Scandinavian furniture, there is no luxury design feeling like Italy or French, but also no tacky feeling.  
Scandinavian combined arts and practicability, which called practical arts. Form, function, material, color, texture, endurance and price are harmonious.

Scandinavian furniture like creative sprit, their faith is “Do not repeat oneself, Do not copy others” , these creation is not only based on the form, but more is based on the materials and structures.

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